Zoning Your System

Zoning your HVAC will significantly improve temperature balance in different levels of your home.

Do you have a two-story or split-level home and struggle to find the right temperatures for both floors? Through zoning, you can upgrade your existing HVAC system instead of replacing expensive ductwork.

An HVAC systems in a two-story home is ideally equipped with two thermostats, one for each floor. This setup is the best way to achieve consistent temperature targets in your home.


To determine if your home qualifies for zoning, Precision Air will have to provide an on-site inspection to determine if motorized dampers can be installed in the ductwork of your HVAC system.

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Bundling Zoning with a Two-Stage Furnace for Optimal Efficiency

It’s highly recommended to pair a zoning system with a two-stage furnace or air handler:
  1. A two-stage furnace operates at a lower speed initially, efficiently managing the temperature by distributing air more evenly across the designated zones.
  2. The setup is not only energy-efficient but also provides superior comfort compared to a single-stage furnace.
In contrast, a single-stage furnace would push all the air into one zone, potentially causing discomfort in other areas of your home. By running at a lower speed for the first 20 minutes, a two-stage furnace adjusts to the specific heating or cooling needs of different parts of the house, ensuring optimal energy consumption and comfort.

60% savings

Zoning vs. Replacement of Ductwork

Many HVAC contractors may suggest extensive ductwork replacement, involving cutting into drywall and reconfiguring the entire system, which can cost upwards of $10k. However, for homes suitable for zoning, you can achieve balanced temperatures at less than half the cost and without the mess of ductwork replacement. Zoning is compatible with both newer and older homes and allows you to operate with a single HVAC system rather than two.

What’s included in an HVAC Zoning or Balancing HVAC System Service

Balancing or Zoning your system includes:

1. A comprehensive inspection of the current system.
 – Determine the number of zones needed.
– Locate optimal locations for new thermostats.
 – Evaluate any necessary adjustments to your existing HVAC system.
2. A customized zoning plan.
3. Installation of a second thermostat.
4. Installation of motorized dampers in your ductwork – one for downstairs, one for upstairs, and two additional dampers for balanced airflow.

HVAC Add-ons to your Zoning System – The bedroom

For further energy savings, consider adding an additional thermostat to your bedroom. This allows you to set the ideal temperature for your bedroom, reducing the energy consumption for the rest of the floor – leading to greater monthly savings.

What if only one or two rooms have inconsistent temperature fluctuations? 

If you are only noticing inconsistent temperatures in one or two rooms, not entire floors, the Ductless Mini-split system is an ideal alternative. In instances when zoning is not compatible with the existing HVAC system, a ductless system is a more affordable solution than replacing ductwork and reconfiguring ductwork. In this instance, ductwork would not be required. However, an additional system would be installed. 

The Value Proposition

HVAC zoning provides numerous benefits: 
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Enhanced Comfort
  • Environmental Impact
  • Long-Term Savings
Despite the initial investment, a zoned HVAC system can lead to long-term savings on heating and cooling bills, often paying for itself through improved energy efficiency. 

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