Heating and Cooling Maintenance

It’s time for a Heating or Cooling Tune-Up

Heating and cooling your home can be expensive. Regular maintenance will keep your system running efficiently. 

Just like your car gets regular tune-ups, your heating and cooling system needs regular maintenance to run well, and efficiently.  

Your system works harder when it’s not regularly maintained, so it’s more expensive to run. And, your family’s indoor air quality will suffer when your system is not properly serviced. 



Our Annual Maintenance Plans keep your heating equipment and cooling equipment in tip-top shape through regular maintenance and diagnostics

Big Benefits with Big Savings

One (1) Tune-up for Single-Unit Maintenance Plans – $179 Value
Two (2) Tune-ups for Two-Unit Maintenance Plans:
Pre-Summer Cooling Tune-Up April-June – $179 Value
Pre-Winter Heating Tune-Up October-December – $179 Value
One (1) FREE Diagnostics Visit for when things go wrong – $149 Value*
$100 Annual Credit for every year you are enrolled in the Annual Maintenance Plan
Ex. 20-years = $2,000 in credits
15% off Repair Costs ($37.50 savings on $250 Repair)

A $564.50 Value*


  • Priority Status Service for Diagnostic Service within 72 hours**

  • 1-Year Warranty on Repair and Maintenance Services

  • Free 1” Pleated Air Filter Replacement for every Tune-Up Service (rated for 3 months)

  • For an extra $48 we will replace 4” filters (rated for 6 months)

* One (1) Free diagnostic service per year only. Total plan value based on the Gas and Furnace & AC Plan. ** Excludes disruption due to power outages in extreme weather conditions. This yearly plan will auto-renew unless it’s canceled. An email will be sent to you before renewal.

Choose your package

Gas Furnace & AC Plan

(Heating & Cooling)


Standard or Everyday Maintenance Fee: $279

Gas Furnace Plan

(single system)


Standard Maintenance Fee: $179

Gas Furnace & AC Plan

(Heating & Cooling)


Standard or Everyday Maintenance Fee: $279

Heat Pump & Gas Furnace Plan

(Duel Fuel)


Standard Maintenance Fee: $299

Ductless System Plan

(Heating & Cooling)


Additional Mini split ductless head $69 each Head
Standard Maintenance Fee: $189 / Additional heads $69


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Expect the best from Precision Air

Comfort Guidance Guarantee.

Our technicians will help improve the health of your indoor air quality.

System Cleaning.

Dust and debris build-up degrade the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system. Our techs will evaluate and discuss recommendations regarding cleaning.

Flexible Plans.

Annual Maintenance Plans can be customized based on your specific system and whether it includes a furnace, central condenser, or a heat pump with multiple heads.