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Heat pumps are an efficient and environmentally-friendly way to heat and cool your home or business. Precision Air has years of experience with heat pump installations, repairs, and other services. If you live near Portland or Vancouver, heat pump installations are just a quick call away. We have the experts you need to perform the trusted heat pump installations and repairs you need.

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When you work with Precision Air to receive a heat pump installation, repairs, or other HVAC services, you can always expect deals and discounts that will make a difference. You will love working with us because we always keep your budget in mind. Take a look at some of our top promotions described below:

Heat Pump Special

Certain HVAC installations and replacements qualify for rebates anywhere between $250 to $800. Call today to learn more.

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Certain HVAC installations qualify for a rebate through the electric company. Give our team a call today to learn more.

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When you receive a furnace and AC installation together, you are eligible for a $500-$750 discount + a FREE Nest brand thermostat.

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All Brands Serviced

Precision Air services all HVAC brands, including Amana, Lennox, Maytag, & more.

How Does a Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps are electrical devices that are used to both heat and cool homes. They offer year-round temperature control all from one system. Heat pumps transfer heat and cool air by circulating refrigerant through the evaporation and condensation cycles. During the summertime, the system operates like a typical air conditioner. Cool air flows into your home and hot air is pushed out. During the colder months, the process reverses; cool air is pushed out and warm air is brought in.

Not all heat pump systems are built the same. Although they operate similarly, there are three different types you should know about described below:

  • Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

    These systems are the most common. They are similar to traditional air conditioning units, with both an indoor and outdoor portion. Although some air-to-air heat pumps only operate as heaters, most have what is known as a reverse valve, which allows the system to both heat and cool your home.

  • Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

    While these particular heat pumps are similar to air-to-air units, they do not come with a reverse valve. Instead, air-to-water systems use a water exchanger to change the temperature. Depending on the time of year, the water exchanger will generate hot water to heat one’s home, or cold water to help cool it.

  • Geothermal Heat Pumps

    Rather than using air or water, geothermal heat pumps use ground temperatures to heat and cool homes. You may also hear these systems referred to as ground source heat pumps because of how they operate. Geothermal heat pumps are considered to be the most environmentally-friendly models.

Some of the top benefits of owning a heat pump include cost-efficiency, extended lifespan, and low maintenance. Furnaces typically only last anywhere from about 15 to 20 years. Heat pumps, on the other hand, can last up to 40 or 50 years with proper upkeep. Maintenance for these systems is much less compared to furnaces. Most heat pumps only require a check-up every three to five years.

Heat pumps are also safer to use than other traditional heating systems. Because they don’t use gas, oil, or other combustible materials, there are fewer safety risks. Additionally, heat pumps help reduce one’s overall carbon footprint because of their efficiency and how they operate.

All-Inclusive Heat Pump Services in Vancouver

Whether you need heat pump installations, repairs, maintenance, or other related services, you can count on Precision Air for all of your heat pump system needs. Our experts have helped countless customers in the past with all of their heating and cooling requests, both big and small. No project is too difficult or daunting for our team to tackle. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help keep your family comfortable this season. The professional heat pump services in Vancouver you have been searching for are just a quick phone call away.

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Precision Air is one of the top HVAC services in Vancouver. For years, we have been offering exceptional installations, repairs, replacements, and other HVAC services to our customers at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on being able to offer deals and rebates that make keeping your loved ones comfortable a bit easier on your budget. You can trust Precision Air to take care of all of your heating and cooling needs with transparency, care, and excellence.

When you hire one of our contractors at Precision Air for your heat pump installation or repair, you can trust that you will always work with an expert. We only hire the most well-trained and qualified specialists to join our team. All of our HVAC contractors are certified, insured, professionally trained, and able to take on a variety of repair and replacement requests. No matter who you are paired with when you use our services, you can trust that a professional HVAC specialist will arrive at your door.

In addition to our exceptional customer service, free estimates, 24-hour services, and competitive prices, Precision Air also offers warranties on both parts and labor. At every turn, we ensure that you can feel confident choosing us as your preferred HVAC contractor in Vancouver. We provide high-quality work that always meets the manufacturer’s standards and exceeds customer expectations. Contact our team at Precision Air now to request HVAC installations or other services for your property.