5 Tips for Improving your indoor air quality

Maintain your Air Conditioning unit now, so it is ready for use next Spring! Precision Air recommends that Homeowners do these tasks in the Fall – that way if you find a problem, you have time to have it fixed well before the Summer rush.

  • Change air filters
    • Filters need to be changed regularly to ensure efficient HVAC operation and control allergens and pollution in the home. How often should you change them? More often than you think! Depending on your usage and system type, you may even need to change them monthly!
    • Because filters need to be changed so frequently, HVAC companies cannot change your filter for you. However, Precision CAN teach you how to do it! Save some money by purchasing your filter online or from a hardware store, and one of our technicians can walk you through the process.
  • Change your thermostat settings
    • Cooler temps outdoors means
    • Is it time to upgrade to a programmable thermostat that will adjust to how you live? Ask us about our Ecobee Smart Thermostats!
  • Remove yard debris from the condenser unit
    • Clear grass clippings, fallen leaves, weeds, and dirt from around the condenser unit now, before the winter rains come
  • Clean the unit’s coils
    • Remove dirt and dust that will impede air flow
  • Shut off the unit’s power
    • Shutting the power to your air conditioner will ensure it is not accidentally turned on during the winter.
    • The shutoff box is usually on the exterior wall near the condenser unit
  • Check insulation around pipes and wiring
    • Add extra if needed – you can easily secure it with duct tape

These regular maintenance tasks will help keep your AC in best condition, but do not replace the need for regular HVAC servicing. Call Precision Air at (360) 322-1499 and ask about our yearly maintenance subscription – we do the tasks you can’t!