Just like your car, your heating and cooling systems require routine maintenance. To keep your HVAC units in good working order for years to come, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect the unit and perform a routine maintenance.

Heating Maintenance

How long can you go without changing oil in your car? Now ask yourself, How long can I go without changing an air filter or getting a maintenance on my heating system? In my professional opinion it is important to have a yearly maintenance or at least an inspection by a HVAC pro. We do a thorough inspection on your heating system and a maintenance to make sure it is functioning properly.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Most air conditioning units rely on good airflow. The last thing you want is having your AC break down in the middle of summer because of a dirty filter or lack of maintenance. Summer is a busy time of year for most HVAC companies you might have to wait weeks before being able to have a technician come out and repair your air conditioning system.You are better off spending money on a routine maintenance rather than having to get a whole new system.

Preventative Maintenance Program

In today’s busy world, it’s easy to forget to schedule an appointment for tune ups and regular maintenance. That’s why Precision Air offers an easy-to-use Preventative Maintenance Program. By enrolling in the program, we’ll contact you when it’s time for annual service on your heating and cooling system. With yearly precision tune ups, your unit will run more efficiently, which preserves the life of your heating and cooling equipment. You’ll also realize savings on your monthly utility bills! If something were to go wrong , as a Preventative Maintenance Program member, you’ll receive 15% off the cost of repairs and a priority service.

Schedule an Appointment Today

To learn more about the Preventative Maintenance Program or to schedule an appointment for maintenance, contact us today. Our skilled technicians look forward to keeping your heating and cooling system in tip top shape!