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Furnace Installation in Vancouver & Portland

Precision Air offers exceptional furnace installation services in Vancouver, Portland, and other surrounding cities. Our furnace installation experts are certified, insured, and highly experienced. Compared to any other HVAC service in Vancouver, we offer some of the most outstanding rebates and deals. Thanks to our long-lasting furnace installations, competitive pricing, and superior customer service, we are the go-to HVAC contractor in Vancouver you know you can trust.

Precision Air is available 24-hours a day to assist with emergency furnace installations. Call now to request emergency HVAC services in Vancouver or Portland.

Discounts & Deals

As part of our commitment to work with homeowners and businesses of all sizes, we also work with budgets of all kinds. We know that furnace installations and other HVAC services can be pricey. That is why we always have promotions, deals, and discounts for you to take advantage of. Here are some of the great deals you can expect when you work with Precision Air for furnace installations and other services:

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AC + Furnace Special

When you purchase an AC installation & furnace installation together, you will receive a $500-$750 discount + a FREE Nest brand thermostat.


Certain products qualify for rebates through the electric company. To see if your HVAC installation qualifies for a rebate, give our team a call today.

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All of our AC & furnace replacements come with a FREE thermostat.

How Do I Know if I Need a New Furnace Installation?

At Precision Air, we are often asked, “How do I know if I need a new furnace installation?” This is a great question and one that homeowners and businesses need to address every now and then. Your furnace has a limited lifespan and requires yearly maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

If you notice any of the following signs, you likely need a new furnace installation:

  • Persistent Noises

    If your furnace is broken, you may notice strange or persistent noises coming from the system. Although no furnace is entirely quiet, you shouldn’t be consistently bothered by banging or squealing noises. These sounds can indicate that there are fan issues or loose internal parts.

  • Trouble Starting the Unit

    Aging or broken furnaces can be difficult to turn on or keep on. If you notice that you have to turn on your furnace several times throughout the day or you have to restart it often, you may need a new furnace installation.

  • Abnormal Smells

    Your furnace may emit strong odors due to a variety of issues. You may observe smells related to the furnace fuel. Gas leaks and excessive dirt or build-up can lead to abnormal smells.

  • Discolored Pilot Light

    A discolored pilot light is one of the most common signs that you need a new furnace installation from an expert. A normal pilot light will appear blue, while a yellow or white colored pilot light is a sign that there may be a ventilation problem.

  • Not Enough Heat

    If your furnace is doing a poor job of heating your home, check the thermostat settings first. If everything appears to be in order with your thermostat, a problem in the furnace ductwork may be to blame for the lack of heat.

  • Bad Air Quality

    Your furnace can blow dirt, bacteria, dust, and other particles into your home when heated air is pushed through the ducts. Changing the filter in your furnace often will help alleviate this issue. If the problem persists, a furnace installation from an expert may be necessary.

  • Carbon-Monoxide is Detected

    Gas-burning furnaces produce carbon monoxide. When the furnace is functioning properly, the gas is directed out through the furnace flue pipe and vented out of your home. Leaks in your furnace system can cause a malfunction and leak this gas into your home. Call one of our HVAC specialists in Vancouver immediately if you suspect a leak in your furnace.

All-Inclusive Furnace Installations in Vancouver

Our furnace services at Precision Air include repairs, maintenance, installations, and more. When it comes to your furnace needs, you only want to trust the most well-qualified and experienced experts. If you live in or near Vancouver, furnace installations of all kinds can be handled by our team. Request furnace services for your home or business in Vancouver today!

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Furnace Services in Vancouver

Precision Air has always believed in providing exceptional customer service, high-quality installations, long-lasting repairs, and competitive pricing. Our company was founded on the philosophy that all of our customers deserve peace of mind all year long. Whether you need an immediate furnace installation, repair, or other HVAC services, our talented experts have got you covered. Contact our team now to schedule an appointment or request emergency services 24-hours a day.

No matter who you work with from Precision Air, you can rest easy knowing that a trained, certified, and insured expert will show up on-site to help. Since we only hire the best and most talented HVAC experts, we guarantee that your furnace installation and other requests are always in good hands. Our furnace installation technicians and other HVAC specialists are always prompt, professional, and prepared to take on any requests you may have, both big and small.

At Precision Air, our dedication to customer service is unmatched. Our furnace installation services are available 24-hours a day to accommodate emergencies and other immediate needs. We also offer exceptional warranties for both parts and labor. Our team also takes great care to ensure that all of our repairs and installations meet the manufacturer’s guidelines, and all jobs are done according to code. Schedule an appointment for your home or business today.